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The remarkable story of Earle Lewis Ovington, American pioneer aviator and inventor — Robert D. Campbell



“What a wonderful book you have created! I learned such
a great deal about Ovington - an interesting life, well lead.
I had no idea he was involved in so many endeavors. I have
no doubt this book represents a real contribution to the
body of knowledge about early aviation. I particularly
enjoyed noting that you correctly stated that Ovington used
his own French Bleriot to make the first airmail flights,
not the Queen Bleriot usually incorrectly attributed to
these flights.


You also might be pleased to know that the main road leading
to our museum is named Earle Ovington Boulevard, so he's
still not forgotten around here. All the best and a job well done,”


Joshua Stoff, Sr. Curator
Cradle of Aviation Museum
Garden City, Long Island, NY


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